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last changeMon, 5 Oct 2015 17:32:36 +0000 (20:32 +0300)
3 days ago  Einar RünkaruUse GETTEXT_PACKAGE for translation domains master
11 days ago  Einar RünkaruFix of french translation of "Color Adjustment"
11 days ago  Sérgio M.... Using intltoolize
2015-09-21  Sérgio M.... Added ./compile file to .gitignore .
2015-09-05  Johannes SixtProvide an icon for the Color 3-Way plugin.
2015-09-05  Einar RünkaruMake BrowseButton a synchronous thread
2015-09-05  Einar RünkaruCall pthread_join only in synchronous thread
2015-08-13  Einar RünkaruMove Cinelerra-cv to version 2.3 rel2.3.0 v2.3
2015-07-29  Einar RünkaruFixed array overflow in autoconf.C
2015-07-27  Einar RünkaruImprove detection of opencv features
2015-07-27  Einar RünkaruRemoved unnecessary YUVConfigVideo destructor
2015-07-06  Einar RünkaruRemoved 'inline' from idct_sse2_xvid.c and toolame...
2015-07-06  Einar RünkaruDrop unused mm_support() and mmx_ok() from mmx.h
2015-06-26  Einar RünkaruUse all possible bits when selecting font in Titler
2015-06-26  Einar RünkaruRelax font style selection in BC_Resources::find_fontentry
2015-06-26  Einar RünkaruRestore old behaviour of Translate plugin
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